My name is Brett, I am the owner of Passive Niches.  Thank you for visiting.

I built Passive Niches to help provide my insight on the ever changing world of internet marketing.  I have been involved with internet marketing for the past four years, and in six months I went from being a pizza boy at a famous pizza chain to making  over $18,000 from one niche site!

Pertaining to my site name, I am very keen on making passive money through internet marketing, and I will be exploring and documenting the following ventures below for all the world to see!

  • Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites
  • Ranking Local Service Websites and Renting Them Out Monthly To Local Businesses
  • Email Marketing
  • Ranking Youtube Videos For Affiliate Terms
  • Ranking Websites Through Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

The world of internet marketing is a constantly changing environment, and I’m here to record all my experiments in the pursuit of making passive income.

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